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Experience comfort and convenience like never before with our range of elegant and compact home lifts.

Welcome to Mid North Coast Home Lifts, your trusted provider of high-quality, elegant home lifts in Armidale, Tamworth, Glen Innes, and Inverell. Our Elegance Home Lift, a blend of simplicity and enduring performance, converts your multi-storey home into a realm of effortless mobility. Our range, which includes the feature-rich Elegance Plus Home Lift, offers enhanced accessibility with wheelchair-friendly designs. Our compact home lifts integrate seamlessly into your home environment, taking up minimal space, and plug directly into a standard power outlet. Experience a new dimension of movement with our domestic lifts – the ultimate alternative to conventional hydraulic lifts and stairlifts.

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Mid North Coast Home Lifts is proud to bring our high-quality home lift solutions to towns in the New England region. We cater to the accessibility needs of our clients in Armidale, Tamworth, Glen Innes, and Inverell, ensuring every multi-storey home can benefit from our efficient lift installation services.

In Armidale, we bring modern solutions to enhance home mobility. In Tamworth, we provide an easy transition between floors. Glen Innes and Inverell, we ensure our lifts complement the unique charm of your home, while elevating your standard of living.

We invite you to visit our Port Macquarie showroom, where you can experience first-hand the smooth operation and luxurious design of our lifts. Our mission is to provide a home lift solution that meets your mobility needs and transforms your multi-storey homes into a haven of comfort, convenience, and accessibility. Your satisfaction is our success!

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